Saturday, April 19, 2008

In the Path of God

Who ever works for the Kingdom of God is never driven by goals or results, he only follows Him. And it is the Lord who guides that chosen one. The prophet —it is of one of them whom we are talking about— carries on his way not looking back, nor feeling attached to anyone or anything, because that is the mandate from Above. He does not speak for himself, he speaks for Him, because it is He who speaks through him; and many times he does not speak at all, because it‘s not necessary: his life’s testimony is his way of delivering the message of the Lord.

His work is gigantic —God does not spare him anything at all— and has no apparent ending, though he carries on with it in spite of the most brutal difficulties. His goal is clear: for all men and women to realise that God exists and that all, absolutely all beings, are His Beloved children. For this purpose he uses the most incredible weapons: amazing efforts no other human would endure, fighting and struggling for true justice: divine justice; overall for the poor, the handicapped, the sick, the destitute and the homeless: Jesus’ preferred ones; and for all those who cry for His help —‘’Ask and thou shall be given...’’

Nothing, nor anyone can stop them. They are tireless and relentless in their tasks and targets. They may remain without sleep or food for days or weeks without losing their amazing strength. They seem from another world —and in a way it is true. Their very presence daunts those who do not vibrate in sync with them, such is the energy they radiate. Their actions are firm and thorough, nothing escapes their scrutiny —not even the slightest detail. Their temperament is tough and vigorous and they do not doubt when having to shout or fight if necessary. They do not fear the powerful of this world, in truth they feel sorry for them, as they know they are also God’s children, maybe just lost on the road to Him. But they do not judge them, they only ‘’put them in their right place’’ if necessary.

They know exactly who they are and what they came to do. They have perfect knowledge of the Laws of the Universe and the wisdom to use them for the benefit of the human race and all the sentient beings of the planet. They are always aware of everything that is going on in their surroundings. They live from Providence, as they only put their trust in Him contrary to what humanity as a whole does. They need nothing, God gives them everything. In this way, their work is one hundred percent of the time a proof of this axiom. They are Providence itself, for many. But they also show us that selfishness leads to corruption and this, in time, leads mankind astray. That is why —many times at the risk of their own lives— ‘’ love thy neighbour...’’ is first for them. ‘’Whoever earns his life shall lose it, but he who loses it for Me shall earn it for ever...’’, said the Son of man. Death does not exist for a prophet. In truth, death is Life for him.

They worship God, while humanity adores the Beast. And the Beast tries by all means to put an end to their unselfish actions of purity. It has succeeded many times, but God, the Great Architect, has foreseen everything and His patience is like Him: infinite. So, even though we may go on neglecting and murdering His prophets, He, through his Infinite Love will keep on sending them so that one day we may wake up and realise His Magnificence, and His Creation as the most Sublime, the most important thing that exists; and recognise ourselves as His children, heirs to His Kingdom. That day the angels will sing the most wonderful Alleluia ever sung.

This is the story of one of those prophets —do not doubt it— that God has sent to deliver His message of Love. Natty Petrosino, during these last 40 years has shown us who she is and what she has come to do to this world. Her example is clear, her actions unselfish and firm, and has come in the name of Jesus the Christ to tell us:

‘’Brothers and sisters of planet Earth, let us love each other, as Jesus showed us, because the Kingdom of God is ours, and God is our Father.’’

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