Wednesday, October 15, 2008


It happened at midnight, a strange noise came from the kitchen. I got up as fast as I could and ran barefoot with a hammer in my right hand. I could see the light was on. But who was there at 2 am? I live alone with my wife, who was not there that night because the company she works for had a convention in another city. The kids were at their grandmother's (my mother) in still another city on vacation. I had had two bad nights with nightmares and all and now this! As I approached the kitchen I suddenly saw a shadow... wow... it was a bear, those big brown ones. But how the heck had it got into the house. It was winter, no bears roam around my cabin in winter. Strange. He had not smelled me yet, but I could not count on that for long. I decided to grasp the door’s knob and lock it before the beast could react... but I slipped. Oh No! The bear was busy eating something out of the cellar and he growled as he turned around to face me. He was only a few feet from me. I was helpless there lying awkwardly on the floor and the hammer had slipped out of my hand as well. Good Lord. I was in trouble. If I did not react quickly I would be part of this bear's dinner. Luckily as the monster approached me ever so slowly he too slipped. It seems he had emptied a jar full of syrup and had spilled most of it on the floor. This gave me the chance to get up and run. I reached the living room and grabbed my Winchester, which I only use to shoot into the air to frighten the wolves and bears when I walk in the wild. I hate killing animals for fun, they have the right to live in the wilderness, we are the intruders there. But this was now a different case. Such an unexpected visitor. My wife would've had a fit, luckily I was on my own, or was I lucky in the end? Anyway, I ran outside, into the bitter cold snowy night, still barefoot I circled the house nearing the kitchen. I could see the smashed window where the bear had come in. Now he was no where to be seen. He must've gone further into the house, I thought. But a sudden heavy breathing behind my back gave me goose bumps and scared me to death. I turned around and shot one round. But there was nothing there. How... I was puzzled. I could not make out what had happened. I ran again into the house and there it was, tearing at the furniture, destroying everything in its way. I loaded the riffle once again and made two shots not aiming at my visitor but at the ceiling. The beast instantly ran and crashed into one of the living room windows to get lost in the dark night. But still the breathing behind my back continued. I could almost feel the breathing on my neck and the growling was terrifying. Good Heavens. What to do and how to get rid of this horrendous situation. Was it a ghost? Maybe. But I decided to check. Slowly I started turning around and to my surprise the kitchen light was out now. I had not turned it off. Someone else was there. But who? Someone who had led the bear into my house. My mind rushed through its memory files at the speed of light. Which enemies had I these days? I could only think of my mother-in-law, she hates me a lot. Why? I can’t tell for certain, but I guess it is because we live too near her and my wife seldom visits her. On top, trying to be nice to her, I am the only one who visits her quite often with the kids during the week after school, while my wife is still at the office. I am the opposite of all males these days, I stay at home working on my computer while my wife commutes to work everyday. Too much for me, I decided to live a more tranquil life, which my wife can’t stand, she needs the adrenaline of a sales person, nudging and nagging at her clients all day long almost 24/7 – she makes many calls on the weekends. So my old fashioned mother-in-law thinks I am to blame for her daughter not visiting her. Now the light went on again. I slowly approached the kitchen expecting another bear or so. But to my surprise there she was… my mother-in-law, of course. She was cleaning the mess that the bear had left. She looked and smiled at me as I entered the kitchen. The expression on my face and the looks of me must’ve made her smile, but now she was laughing, laughing her head off. She looked like a mad person laughing and laughing non-stop. I could not make out what was happening. It all seemed like a mad house, if you asked me. Suddenly she took out a Magnum 45 behind her back and pointed it right at me saying: "Goodbye, I’ll see yer in hell you bastard,” and shot three rounds at me. None of which impacted on my body, instead the awful woman fell to the floor in a pool of blood with three shots in her head. My wife was standing in the door to the dining room with a smoking gun in her hands. My mother-in-law’s gun had not shot one single bullet, maybe it was dirty and did not work. That is in the end what the police told me later. My wife was taken into custody and I was left alone again repairing the broken windows. The bitter cold was now waging at my body, so I ducked myself into bed and woke up, Rio de Janeiro was looking beautiful this morning.

Saturday, April 19, 2008

In the Path of God

Who ever works for the Kingdom of God is never driven by goals or results, he only follows Him. And it is the Lord who guides that chosen one. The prophet —it is of one of them whom we are talking about— carries on his way not looking back, nor feeling attached to anyone or anything, because that is the mandate from Above. He does not speak for himself, he speaks for Him, because it is He who speaks through him; and many times he does not speak at all, because it‘s not necessary: his life’s testimony is his way of delivering the message of the Lord.

His work is gigantic —God does not spare him anything at all— and has no apparent ending, though he carries on with it in spite of the most brutal difficulties. His goal is clear: for all men and women to realise that God exists and that all, absolutely all beings, are His Beloved children. For this purpose he uses the most incredible weapons: amazing efforts no other human would endure, fighting and struggling for true justice: divine justice; overall for the poor, the handicapped, the sick, the destitute and the homeless: Jesus’ preferred ones; and for all those who cry for His help —‘’Ask and thou shall be given...’’

Nothing, nor anyone can stop them. They are tireless and relentless in their tasks and targets. They may remain without sleep or food for days or weeks without losing their amazing strength. They seem from another world —and in a way it is true. Their very presence daunts those who do not vibrate in sync with them, such is the energy they radiate. Their actions are firm and thorough, nothing escapes their scrutiny —not even the slightest detail. Their temperament is tough and vigorous and they do not doubt when having to shout or fight if necessary. They do not fear the powerful of this world, in truth they feel sorry for them, as they know they are also God’s children, maybe just lost on the road to Him. But they do not judge them, they only ‘’put them in their right place’’ if necessary.

They know exactly who they are and what they came to do. They have perfect knowledge of the Laws of the Universe and the wisdom to use them for the benefit of the human race and all the sentient beings of the planet. They are always aware of everything that is going on in their surroundings. They live from Providence, as they only put their trust in Him contrary to what humanity as a whole does. They need nothing, God gives them everything. In this way, their work is one hundred percent of the time a proof of this axiom. They are Providence itself, for many. But they also show us that selfishness leads to corruption and this, in time, leads mankind astray. That is why —many times at the risk of their own lives— ‘’ love thy neighbour...’’ is first for them. ‘’Whoever earns his life shall lose it, but he who loses it for Me shall earn it for ever...’’, said the Son of man. Death does not exist for a prophet. In truth, death is Life for him.

They worship God, while humanity adores the Beast. And the Beast tries by all means to put an end to their unselfish actions of purity. It has succeeded many times, but God, the Great Architect, has foreseen everything and His patience is like Him: infinite. So, even though we may go on neglecting and murdering His prophets, He, through his Infinite Love will keep on sending them so that one day we may wake up and realise His Magnificence, and His Creation as the most Sublime, the most important thing that exists; and recognise ourselves as His children, heirs to His Kingdom. That day the angels will sing the most wonderful Alleluia ever sung.

This is the story of one of those prophets —do not doubt it— that God has sent to deliver His message of Love. Natty Petrosino, during these last 40 years has shown us who she is and what she has come to do to this world. Her example is clear, her actions unselfish and firm, and has come in the name of Jesus the Christ to tell us:

‘’Brothers and sisters of planet Earth, let us love each other, as Jesus showed us, because the Kingdom of God is ours, and God is our Father.’’

CaminoAcasa © 2008

Friday, April 4, 2008

Rainbows and Angels

How can I describe the glory and the beauty by using mere words? It is simply not enough. It is impossible to convey images, feelings and emotional states, --not to mention states of consciousness only attained in contemplation without prejudice or judgment, through meditation -into words. No, I repeat, it is not possible and one feels alone with that feeling, it seems amazing not to be able to share it with others. It is undoubtedly something very personal. Maybe lovers are touched by it when contemplating Nature and even more, loving each other. But this love of Nature is of a different nature in its own right. It’s awe inspiring and a reassurance of our path in Life. But I believe that one can share these experiences right there and then, as they are witnessed. There are others present: God’s witnesses, His angels. They are the witnesses and the provokers of such experiences. So if you believe in them, then they present themselves and enjoy incredible experiences with you. Tears roll down your cheeks and you have to hide so the blind will not ask. How could we explain to them? But it is there for all to see. “Those who have eyes to see...” Though sometimes it is too much... only in a greater state of consciousness... Well, I think we must all seek it out, I can only say from my basic perspective: the world would be a better place if every human being on this wonderful planet just sat and watched Nature unfold before their very eyes.

It happened this weekend, on Sunday. I got up at 6:30. The day was windy and bitterly cold. The South wind would not leave us the whole journey. Outside the hotel the temperature was almost -5° C. Once we were all in our 4WD and on the way to the sandy dunes, where the rally was to take place, it was evident that there would be rain showers as well. The topography of this region has a raw beauty. Huge sand dunes tower over the beach like mountains. Like the Sahara desert spilling into the sea. Here and there, small cliffs break up the continuity. The waters were high already on account of the southern wind. The waves broke with unusual fury, and the foam was everywhere. There was no water, no crystalline water, I mean. Just surf. White spray. Thick as bath tub foam. It accumulated on the sand and the wind would blow it apart and one could play with it chasing it all over the beach, and it would climb the smaller dunes, in an endless dance with the wind. Our Isuzu Trooper was white with salt. The rally cars and the motorbikes splashed all over it. The foam ran like mad, as if chasing a ghost or as if trying to escape from the great ocean. There was so much of it and it was so cold that the sea looked like if it were covered in snow. What a sight! I can’t tell if the tears that rolled down my cheeks were real or it was because of the wind in my face. Nevertheless it was awe inspiring. Raw beauty expressing itself. Nature showing one of her infinite faces.

It was a great pleasure to compose pictures with the rally cars and the sea, the sky and the sun rays filtering through the clouds. In the distance we could see the city shadows of Necochea backlit by those rays just dimly filtering through the overcast sky. Rays and more rays, surf adding to more surf. Sand onto sand. Strange fractal geometry drawn on the sand by the wind and rain. An amazing place. Hares running away frightened by the noise of our infernal machines shattering the peace of such an incredible land.

We would now drive parallel to the coast on the small cliffs; now on the beach itself splashing our way through the surf chasing the rally cars, shooting television pictures with my huge and cumbersome -10 kg- camera. Awesome pictures, mind you; now on a grassy meadow bathed in sun light with an old stone house in shambles. There were places that seemed out of this world, like on Mars or the Moon. Wreckage of rocks all over the sand, and a real wreck of a ship with its skeleton still showing stranded up on the beach. The cars had to negotiate these dangerous enemies. Not all came out well. There were many injuries. Just the cars, I mean. And there were rivers to cross. Not an easy task due to the amount of water that was being drawn into the mighty sea. Some broke their motors right in the middle of those wild running streams. Others almost got me. Well in fact it was just one. The same car that last year was running wildly towards me in another river crossing, and thanks to a friendly rock avoided my parting from this realm so soon. The man is really wild. Crazy would be a better term. He was passing another car when he found himself on the verge of crossing a flooded stream just a few yards from the ocean. As he approached the river, he did not realize that there was no way to cross, unless he gave up his position to the car he had already overtaken. So he accelerated, literally falling into the water as there was a big step he had to overcome. I was on the other side of the stream, shooting it all with my camera. I had not calculated a mad guy like him would cross at that point and come straight towards me. The guy was blinded on account of the splash. He did not see me. There, enter the Lord’s Angels. The guy veered to his right and I to mine, avoiding the collision. Amazingly I went on taping the whole event, shooting the crossing of the other car as well. The tracks he left were right where I was standing a few seconds before. It happened in a fraction of a second and as I remember it, I felt like one of those cartoon characters that skid on the place they are standing and then dart off like wild goose. But my heart did not pound with after-fear, so to speak. There had been no time for the adrenaline to accumulate. I just went on working normally as if nothing had happened. Another amazing thing. Of course, the guy came to apologize later.

But that is not all. We had many other experiences that Sunday 17th June, 2001.

The sun kept going in and out, and we had to put up with the occasional shower. The wonderful thing about it was that those showers were heralded by... can you imagine what gave us the clue…? Rainbows... yes, wonderful and extraordinary rainbows. We must have seen at least five or six of them. The first one was not far out into the sea. Its colours were vivid and the hues were very intense. The whole arc could be seen. It was further out to where the waves were breaking. A second concentric arc was bigger though thinner and less vivid. I stopped to take some shots. I missed my 35 mm Nikon. I could only afford to carry my rugged Sony camcorder. I began to wonder and think about my friend Susan and remembered the awesome 40 minutes rainbow that saluted us as we approached the Geneva airport flying over Lac LĂ©man in September 2000. What a glory that was. And here I was in small company, with the awesome rainbows striking out of the sea and sky, as if saying: Hello!!! I had to wave back. It wouldn’t have been polite otherwise. Those magnificent angels were telling us they loved us, and were showing us their own way of expressing it: beautiful rainbows…, angel rainbows.

The most beautiful one of them all came later when we were half way to the top of an immense dune. There was no sun. But one moment later, its warmth began caressing me while I was waiting for the first enduro bikes and the cars to appear. The wind would not stop, so I put my camera on my right shoulder and looked north with my back to the wind, indulging in the sun’s rays. Then, all over a sudden, I turned around and a huge rainbow appeared right on top of the waves. Its edges seemed suspended there with huge rich, thick and bright colours. As the first bike approached our standing point, the rainbow began moving... towards us! Little by little one of its legs began sweeping over the surf and landed on the beach! Was the pot full of gold at its foot? I guess so! The guy with the Yamaha almost went through it as he sped towards the beach. Never in my life have I seen such incredible scenery. A moment later it was pouring. The wind seemed to have grown to gale force and we had to leave, pursuing the cars once again. My tears merged into the rain, I didn’t have to pretend now. Thanks to the amazing angels my job was like floating on a cloud, weeping with happiness. Feeling One with God.

At the end of the day the storms had ceased, but not the wind. The sea was still high so the cars could not ride on the beach. It was still very cold, but I was happy as never in my life. I regretted not having someone to share my feelings with. Not everyone had experienced what I had.

As a bonus and so as not to leave any doubt whatsoever, we reached a small beach resort, with a few houses, closed for the season. The sun was setting, leaving its red tint printed on the white houses. From here we would leave our crazy adventure driving on sand dunes and rocks, or even sliding on the surf. It was a short cut to the paved road to the city. The little town, now in shadows, is called... Los Angeles.

CaminoAcasa © 2003

Note: Necochea is a small city off the Atlantic coast, about 500 km from Buenos Aires, Argentina

Sunday, March 30, 2008


I look up. I see clouds dancing, the wind forming tendrils. Tendrils that suggest visions of a different kind. Like new ways to gather strength to overcome this sadness. Why do I feel unmotivated? Why do I experiment an internal sorrow?

These are times of deep turmoil anywhere you look. I feel it deep within. Sometimes I cannot explain what is exactly happening to me. But there is something certain: I feel depressed.

This depression is not only grabbing me and my soul, it is also getting hold of others. Why? I ask myself. Is there no way out to the withering chaos and the on going drama?

Yes! There is. But it is a spiritual solution. A spiritual revolution. And one does not stop wondering: are we capable of understanding what is really going on? That is an important question, because if we are not prepared to grasp the underlining meaning, we will be facing our own demise.

And that demise leaves us with no salvation, doomed to be left in utmost peril for a long, long time. We are still kids playing God with our lives. How silly. Who do we think we are? Why is it so difficult to realize this game is over?

And this question goes for anyone on the planet. Yes, anyone. It includes me first, of course, and there is one of the causes of my grief. Am I concerned, deeply concerned about what is happening to the rest of my fellow humans? Are we? Because if we are not, what the heck are we doing with our lives? Can I go on living selfishly? I ask myself. Can I poison my living planet and expect it to recover by itself? And what about the coming generations? What are we teaching them? What are we leaving for them?

I know. These issues have been mentioned before. This is not new. But that is the problem then? Nothing seems to be new, truly new. New, new. What is new? New is, according to a great master, something that has nothing to do with the past. That is New! But in our pompous world I can ascertain there is nothing really new today, nor will there be tomorrow.

What do I mean by this? Have I gone insane? To the standards of the world I am already insane. And that is part of my anguish today. The complete ignorance that ravages the whole of society. Killing initiatives, killing lives. Not with guns, but with indifference and cold remarks.

Something new does not come from the mind, it comes from the heart. And what else comes from the heart? Love. The Energy of the Universe. God. There can only be something new when the mind is not present, but though it may seem a contradiction, that means we are living in the present opposed to the past or the future, where the mind lives. Some call it meditation. Not the meditation that we would ordinarily think of. Not the exercise some gurus teach with mantrams and the like. No. Meditation, true meditation is a state of consciousness. It is not possible to practice it. It just happens when the fruit is ripe.

This brings us back to my unsettled state of mind. I realize I fluctuate between happiness and sorrow. I guess that is the current state of mind of the average person. Why is this occurring? Because we picture our lives in such a way that in the end it is just an illusion of the mind and when that illusion shatters we fall into despair.

In synthesis, my depression and sadness belongs to my “mind’s world”. But our mind’s world is real, don’t get me wrong. Though as it is a creation of the mind it can be changed.

Fear is what is stalling our country. We feel we will lose the little we have, and there is reason for this, for we are broke. The economic chain has been cut to pieces. Businesses are closing their doors, everywhere. Thanks to fear.

How to overcome this appalling situation? I guess, reinventing our society. How? Behaving in a different way. Not allowing others to tell us what to do and robbing us, as has been the norm up to now. Growing up, is the right word. Order is also peace, that is what we need. Peace in each of us, then there will be peace in the country.

Let’s relax and flow with the river of life, as the Buddhists say. Let’s not force things, let’s meditate, reach a higher state of consciousness, emptying ourselves and filling up with Him.

I’m still sad, but conscious now that we can change things if we are willing to. Let’s do it, following the tendrils the wind magically sprouts out from the clouds.

© Written - December 2001