Sunday, March 30, 2008


I look up. I see clouds dancing, the wind forming tendrils. Tendrils that suggest visions of a different kind. Like new ways to gather strength to overcome this sadness. Why do I feel unmotivated? Why do I experiment an internal sorrow?

These are times of deep turmoil anywhere you look. I feel it deep within. Sometimes I cannot explain what is exactly happening to me. But there is something certain: I feel depressed.

This depression is not only grabbing me and my soul, it is also getting hold of others. Why? I ask myself. Is there no way out to the withering chaos and the on going drama?

Yes! There is. But it is a spiritual solution. A spiritual revolution. And one does not stop wondering: are we capable of understanding what is really going on? That is an important question, because if we are not prepared to grasp the underlining meaning, we will be facing our own demise.

And that demise leaves us with no salvation, doomed to be left in utmost peril for a long, long time. We are still kids playing God with our lives. How silly. Who do we think we are? Why is it so difficult to realize this game is over?

And this question goes for anyone on the planet. Yes, anyone. It includes me first, of course, and there is one of the causes of my grief. Am I concerned, deeply concerned about what is happening to the rest of my fellow humans? Are we? Because if we are not, what the heck are we doing with our lives? Can I go on living selfishly? I ask myself. Can I poison my living planet and expect it to recover by itself? And what about the coming generations? What are we teaching them? What are we leaving for them?

I know. These issues have been mentioned before. This is not new. But that is the problem then? Nothing seems to be new, truly new. New, new. What is new? New is, according to a great master, something that has nothing to do with the past. That is New! But in our pompous world I can ascertain there is nothing really new today, nor will there be tomorrow.

What do I mean by this? Have I gone insane? To the standards of the world I am already insane. And that is part of my anguish today. The complete ignorance that ravages the whole of society. Killing initiatives, killing lives. Not with guns, but with indifference and cold remarks.

Something new does not come from the mind, it comes from the heart. And what else comes from the heart? Love. The Energy of the Universe. God. There can only be something new when the mind is not present, but though it may seem a contradiction, that means we are living in the present opposed to the past or the future, where the mind lives. Some call it meditation. Not the meditation that we would ordinarily think of. Not the exercise some gurus teach with mantrams and the like. No. Meditation, true meditation is a state of consciousness. It is not possible to practice it. It just happens when the fruit is ripe.

This brings us back to my unsettled state of mind. I realize I fluctuate between happiness and sorrow. I guess that is the current state of mind of the average person. Why is this occurring? Because we picture our lives in such a way that in the end it is just an illusion of the mind and when that illusion shatters we fall into despair.

In synthesis, my depression and sadness belongs to my “mind’s world”. But our mind’s world is real, don’t get me wrong. Though as it is a creation of the mind it can be changed.

Fear is what is stalling our country. We feel we will lose the little we have, and there is reason for this, for we are broke. The economic chain has been cut to pieces. Businesses are closing their doors, everywhere. Thanks to fear.

How to overcome this appalling situation? I guess, reinventing our society. How? Behaving in a different way. Not allowing others to tell us what to do and robbing us, as has been the norm up to now. Growing up, is the right word. Order is also peace, that is what we need. Peace in each of us, then there will be peace in the country.

Let’s relax and flow with the river of life, as the Buddhists say. Let’s not force things, let’s meditate, reach a higher state of consciousness, emptying ourselves and filling up with Him.

I’m still sad, but conscious now that we can change things if we are willing to. Let’s do it, following the tendrils the wind magically sprouts out from the clouds.

© Written - December 2001

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